The Fourth International event of “Smart Tehran” enjoying the slogan of “Digital Evolution, Digital Services”

The Fourth International event of “Smart Tehran” enjoying the slogan of “Digital Evolution, Digital Services” and focusing on smart cities in the Corona and post-Corona eras will be held online on July 14 and 15.

Digital Evolution

The 4th conference and exhibition of “Smart Tehran” will be inaugurated on the 14th of July, and due to the epidemic of coronary heart disease, it will be held online in order to observe the health protocols and respect the health of the interested parties and participants.

This event will include lectures by celebrities and senior managers, specialized meetings, workshops, talk shows and other extracurricular programs which will be available online through the website of Smart Tehran Center at

Domestic and international specialized meetings of this event will be held with the presence of activists and famous actors of Smart City in Tehran and other provincial centers of the country and leading cities in this field, and also, prominent domestic and international figures in the field of urban management, information, and communication technology will participate in this event.

It is noteworthy that three events of the “Smart Tehran” have been held so far since 1987 and have played a great role in the municipality’s interactions with other foreign, public and private institutions, the ecosystem of innovation and technology, and the development of the Smart Tehran program as well as the use of global experiences. In September 2020, it was announced that the ICT of the municipality, Hamrah-e-Awal, and Mobinat were working together to manifest a “Smart Tehran”.

Also last week, Tehran Municipality held a press conference on the statistics of the smart city and the latest programs of this institution in this regard, and “Pirooz Hanachi”, the mayor of Tehran, announced that Tehran’s global ranking in the field of intelligence has improved during the corona days.

For more information about the 4th Smart Tehran International Event, you can visit the Smart Tehran Center, Secretariat website and its social networks at @smartehran.

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