The beta version of Club House has been officially released for the Android operating system

Club House has finally released its long-awaited Android version of the app, and users in the United States can now download its beta version from the Google Play Store download, of course, it can also be received by changing the IP.

The audio social network has received a lot of attention in recent months and its value has reached more than $ 4 billion. However, until today, only iPhone users had access to the app, and now the beta version has been released for Android phone users.

This app was first made available to American users and is gradually being introduced in other English-speaking countries. Finally, users with Android devices around the world can access it.

Club House announced the start of development of its Android app earlier this year, and of course, a few days ago, a limited beta test was released for this operating system. According to this social network, many users have asked for access to the Android version of this app, and during the release of the beta version, its problems will be solved:

Club House has seen a drop in downloads in recent months, so the release of the Android version could make up for that and increase the number of users. Of course, there is another factor that prevents the further growth of this app, which is the need for an invitation to join this social network. The same is true for the beta version of Club House for Google Mobile. However, such a system continues today.

The beta version of Club House for Android has several drawbacks, such as the ability to follow the theme, translate in-app, and link to Twitter and Instagram profiles. This social network says that with the Android version, the clubhouse looks more complete.


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