Amazon Lookout for Vision

Amazon Lookout for Vision

Spot product defects using computer vision to automate quality inspection .

Amazon Lookout for Vision

Amazon Lookout is a machine learning (ML) service that spots defects and anomalies in visual representations using computer vision (CV). With Amazon Lookout , manufacturing companies can increase quality and reduce operational costs by quickly identifying differences in images of objects at scale. For example

, Amazon Lookout can be used to identify missing components in products, damage to vehicles or structures, irregularities in production lines, minuscule defects in silicon wafers, and other similar problems. Amazon Lookout uses ML to see and understand images from any camera as a person would, but with an even higher degree of accuracy and at a much larger scale.

Amazon Lookout allows customers to eliminate the need for costly and inconsistent manual inspection, while improving quality control, defect and damage assessment, and compliance. In minutes, you can begin using Amazon Lookout to automate inspection of images and objects–with no machine learning expertise required.


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