About Zino

About Zino
After creating and establishing a Framework for our given product and studying it in various aspects, we began our work in 2016. We paved our way with perseverance and courage and now, with the aid of our selected and professional team, we are following this path in a new way, which is based on the latest knowledge in the world. We hope to gain our goal and raise the cup of success for Zino Company.

Our mission is to reach the top of the pyramid in modern technology to help organization:

  • Obtain accurate and precise information of all processes
  • Access the data of each structure quickly and separately
  • Access the periodical reports of each section separately
  • Integrate the systems (the whole structure of the organization)
  • Manage and control the projects accurately
  • Track and identify the strengths and weaknesses of the system in order to make the right decision for each department
  • Reduce organizational costs and increase productivity
  • Increase coordination between internal departments and inter-organizational communication
    We aim to identify the organizations’ challenges and provide them with smart and appropriate solutions after analyzing and studying them using the knowledge and experience of its specialists.
    Enterprise Resource Planning is the first priority of any small or large organization to insure its durability and progress.
    PERGAS software has these sort of advantages which is under construction by Zino Company to be available to customers.

By continuing the process of Zino activity and the efforts of the Research and Development department focusing on aesthetic aspects of the software environment and combining art in modern technology and company advertising activities, in 2019 Zino Art was established concentrating on artistic activities.
By inviting experts in the fields of graphics, digital art, social networking, employing media production staff, and forming a research and blogging, the activities of Zino launched in the aforementioned fields.
Setting up exhibition booths, advertising, font and icon design, website design, media activities such as teasers and photos, and planning long-term advertising programs for Zino and other companies are of other Zino’s goals.
Also, other artistic activities of this group in the field of Icon designing can be referred to which have been exclusively designed for Zino.

Icons are a universal visual language, free of language barriers. This is why they are understandable for users in different parts of the world.

The first matter considered is Iranian identity
The second one, its subset of Iranian work and a little more limited in graphics is called Iranian graphic work

In different religions and cultures, the circle is a symbol of evolution and infinity and has a sacred space throughout.
For example, in Islam, it is a symbol of God’s glory.

Growth and movement are induced by the type of line to the viewer.
The selection and study of this line is formed in the context of arches and curves.

The circle has always been the basis of the movement of motifs in different artistic periods of this land, which based on individual and ethnic nature on one hand and based on cultural and climatic issues, on the other hand, has been decorated over the centuries to gain a special and unique effect in Iranian art.

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