Blue for Business

Blue for Business

Twitter Blue for Business, is a new way for businesses and their affiliates to verify and distinguish themselves on Twitter.

We are taking Twitter Blue’s rollout as an opportunity to further enhance and distinguish businesses on Twitter. As a Twitter Blue for the Business subscriber, a company can link any number of their affiliated individuals, businesses, and brands to their account.

Twitter Blue for Business

When they do, affiliated accounts will get a small badge of their parent company’s profile picture next to their blue or gold checkmark.

By creating this connection, we’re making it possible for businesses to create networks within their own organizations–on Twitter.

Businesses can affiliate their leadership, brands, support handles, employees or teams. Journalists, sports team players, or movie characters can all be affiliated.

Blue for Business

You name it, we got it. Each affiliate will be verified and officially linked to its parent handle based on a list provided by the parent business. We will share any new criteria, pricing, or process as we update them.

This is an incredible moment for businesses to further incorporate their affiliated individuals, businesses, and brands into the DNA of Twitter. In the future, we plan to layer more value into the offering to help businesses and their affiliates get the most from Twitter.

We are piloting Blue for Business with a select group of businesses. Next year we will roll this out to more businesses who wish to subscribe.


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