New benchmark speedometer 3

New benchmark speedometer 3

New benchmark speedometer 3:Google, Apple, and Mozilla are collaborating to create a new benchmarking utility for internet browsers.

Speedometer 3 will be a cross-industry collaborative effort that will see makers of the three most popular web browsers online – Safari, Chrome, and Firefox – create a tool for accurate assessment of browsing speed.

New benchmark speedometer 3

The first version of the benchmark was made by Apple in 2014. Then it was updated in 2018 by Apple and rechristened Speedometer 2.0. The benchmarking tool has remained popular online as the standard for browsing tests.

While three companies battling it out for browser share in the market doesn’t seem like the ideal partnership.

the companies have said that they will use a strict governing policy to ensure no browser would have an advantage.

New benchmark speedometer 3

We’re joining an important collab with Apple @WebKit & @firefox to work on the next Speedometer benchmark to measure real-world browser performance.

The group said that their primary goal was to, “reflect the real-world Web as much as possible,” and that the project would, “Evolve over time, adapting to the present Web on a regular basis.”

While Apple did not share any timelines on when the third iteration would be launched, the development is open to the public at Github, which means you ca


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