smart home Samsung

smart home Samsung

smart home Samsung:The new space is based in Dubai Media City and showcases Samsung’s offerings in the smart home department

Samsung Gulf has announced the opening of Smart Things Home in Dubai, the biggest experiential space of its kind in the world and the first in the region,

offering consumers an opportunity to enjoy the brand’s award-winning product categories, attend various trainings and workshops whilst exploring different Smart Things powered zones and scenarios that represent the future of houses.

smart home Samsung

Located in Dubai Media City, SmartThings Home Dubai offers multi-device experiences split across four zones, each being equipped with diverse,

locally relevant scenarios for customers to best visualise their daily routine, across Home Entertainment, Home Office, Work & Play, and Creator’s Powerhouse.

Guests visiting the space will also gain access to thought-provoking training across all four zones to learn how to bring more fun to wellness across healthy food and family entertainment or by hopping into the home office zone and learning about tips and tricks to better focus whilst working from home.

Four different zones at Smart Things Home Dubai

The Smart Things Home Dubai is divided into four major sections that are unified by the use case scenario.

These zones are Home Entertainment zone that’s designed to bring fun to wellness, healthy foods and family time, while the Home Office zone gives users the ultimate experience to enjoy their routines and better focus while working from home.

Work and Play

In the third zone of Work and Play, users can immerse themselves into gaming with smart hue lights and Odyssey monitors before hopping into the Creator’s Powerhouse to bring their content to life.

When entering the Home Entertainment zone, visitors can schedule meditation time and stay fit right from their TV, smartphone and/

or wearables and even launch it all with Smart Voice Control.

smart home Samsung

Movie days become more exciting now that users can set the mood by selecting “movie mode” to adjust the Freestyle, Hue light and Air Purifier.

As for their kitchen, users can relax and monitor their appliances directly from their TV, smartphone or wearables and brainstorm for recipes on the Frame TV for instance.

Home Office

In the Home Office zone, users can take notes on the tablet while watching their lecture on monitoring it with wearables and turn down the noise to bring back the focus to important calls.

While receiving a video call, users can also silence the Air Purifier, for example,

split their screen and set up a smart view right from their smartphone over to their monitor.

Upon venturing the Work & Play zone, users can dim the lights,

and stream to the world even set up the perfect atmosphere for their parties with Stream and Watch.

In the fourth zone, the Creator’s Powerhouse gives content creators the perfect environment to shoot and edit social content from their tablet, TV and/or smartphone.


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